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Entering a hospital for treatment should come with the reasonable expectation of sufficient care that allows your conditional wellness to increase. At no point in time should you expect your condition to suffer or worsen due to hospital acquired infections, or HAI. The sad truth is, hospitals, by design and execution, are riddled with germs, bacteria and viruses that must be attended to at all times. Clean surfaces are only the start, as beds, medical instruments and the health and cleanliness of the staff also play a role in your proper care.

If you or a loved one has suffered from hospital acquired infections in any capacity, whether it was a tainted medical instrument, staph infection or communicable disease attained during your search for proper healthcare, the attorneys at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith may be able to represent you in a medical malpractice lawsuit to help recover medical expenses, lost wages and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Our accomplished attorney group provides free consultations to help our prospective clients understand how we can help them make a case against the healthcare provider that caused their secondary illness. Hospital Acquired Infections can cause severe medical injury, and even become life threatening once they manifest. Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith believe in your ability to seek proper medical treatment, without exacerbating your illness due to their costly oversights. First, you must know what you are up against, and how these infections occur.

Causes of Hospital Acquired Infections

In healthcare facilities across the country, 75% of all healthcare acquired infections occur:

  • Within the Urinary Tract
  • Within a Surgical Site or Point of Entry
  • Within the Bloodstream (via intravenous, or IV tubes and lines)
  • Through Acquired Pneumonia

Central Bloodstream Infections are the most common Hospital Acquired Infections, although they are easy to avoid using careful methods for insertion. When a medical provider does not take the proper care in using these common instruments — or poorly trains their staff in their use — patients suffer as a result.

Common Practices to Control Infections in IV Line Insertion:

  • Thorough Hand Washing Prior to Insertion
  • Proper Clothing, including Body Drape, Hat, Gloves, Mask & Gown
  • Avoid Insertion in the Wrong Vein, Especially the Groin or Femoral Site
  • Thorough Cleaning of the Insertion Site with Chlorhexidine
  • Proper Removal of Lines that are No Longer in Use

When these common and necessary practices are replaced by shortcuts and unsafe approaches, patients suffer as a result. Healthcare providers nationwide are aware of what it takes to avoid hospital acquired infections, and the fact that it continues to happen is a direct result of negligent behavior.

Our Las Vegas Hospital Acquired Infections attorney group wants to help you hold the responsible medical party accountable for any infections you attained during a visit to your healthcare provider. Your expectation of receiving proper care has been violated, and we want to help you heal fully from such a damaging and avoidable illness resulting from another’s inability to follow the letter of the healthcare guidelines that are put in place for your safety.

Cost of Hospital Acquired Infections Affect All of Us

From the last available numbers, healthcare acquired infections cost the United States roughly $28 – $34 billion each year. The numbers alone signify the healthcare industries oversight in preventing infections so that their patients may seek proper and safe care, and be released in a timely fashion. Infections require extended hospital stays, additional medication to treat and an exaggerated healing time once the patient is released. This not only increases the costs of their care, but diminishes the patient’s ability to earn wages or take care of their families.

Types of Medical Malpractice, our Law Offices focus on include:

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