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Our Las Vegas wrongful death attorney group at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith call Las Vegas home, but are able to try cases across the United States, and have been incredibly successful in doing so. We are not limited to trying these wrongful death cases in Nevada only, so even if you live outside of our area code, our Las Vegas wrongful death lawyer can still help you pursue justice for the sudden loss of your loved one.

Since the statute of limitations in each state differs when it comes to a wrongful death suit, time is of the essence in pursuing these claims. Our respected, honorable and dedicated Las Vegas wrongful death lawyer team has most recently recovered $3.5 Million in a wrongful death motorcycle accident fatality and $1 Million wrongful death aircraft accident fatality cases for our clients. We can help you too, by listening to the details of your case during a free consultation.

It is important for our prospective clients to understand that our esteemed Las Vegas wrongful death law firm operates on a contingency basis for these particular suits. This means that if you are not awarded the damages sought in the case we represent, we do not get paid.

To determine if you have a wrongful death claim, the following must apply:

  • The person died as a direct result of a defendant
  • The defendant was negligent
  • There is a surviving spouse, children or some beneficiaries, or monetary loss was incurred as a result of the death.

The goal of these suits differs for everyone, but usually revolves around the recovery of financial losses that are incurred as a result of the individual’s untimely death. These instances can include, but are not limited to, medical expenses, funeral expenses, anticipated earnings of the deceased, loss of benefits, loss of inheritance, pain, suffering, and mental anguish, loss of care, protection, companionship, and general damages including punitive damages.

The Las Vegas wrongful death attorney group at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith provide exceptional legal representation coupled with compassion and understanding. We know how hard it is to heal after losing a loved one, and financial burdens only prolong the process. Allow our Las Vegas wrongful death lawyer team to provide you with a free consultation, so you can feel confident about moving forward sooner than later.

General Information Regarding Your Loss in Wrongful Death Case

Wrongful deaths occur when a person is killed due to the negligence of another person or entity, which can include a company or organization. Surviving dependents or beneficiaries are typically the ones who file these claims, and may be entitled to monetary awards because of the negligent actions of the guilty party.

It is important that your Las Vegas wrongful death claim is filed prior to the statute of limitations, as the evidence is no longer applicable — even if it is overwhelming — once a specific, state mandated time has passed. Taking action early allows our attorneys to interview witnesses and obtain evidence that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. These vital factors can make the difference in our success on your behalf.

Although each state differs in their statute of limitations, Nevada has a statute of limitations of six years in these cases. This period can change without notice, so it is important to act quickly under these circumstances. In fact, if your Las Vegas wrongful death case applies to a government agency, the statute of limitations can be much shorter, and requires precise timing and application.

Types of injuries, our Law Offices focus on include:

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