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Burn injury victims suffer from immense physical, emotional and psychological pain, which literally scars them for life. Whether the burn is the result of electrical, chemical, radiation or heat itself, the damage to the skin can be severe.

Of the two million people who suffer from burn injuries each year, 6000 of them result in death, which ranks third statistically in the United States as the cause of accidental deaths. Although fatalities have decreased as medical advances continue to evolve, the devastation of the injuries can be overwhelming.

Burn injuries are categorized in three classifications: Thermal, Electrical and Chemical.

Thermal burns are the most common type of burn injury, and are the result of burns by heaters, hot liquids, gasoline and fire. When these components contact the skin, immense pain and injury can result.

Electrical burns are the result of an individual coming in contact with an electrical current, while a chemical burn is the result of the skin coming in contact with a harsh chemical, such as acid.

These burns are categorized by medical professionals at three levels; first, second and third degree burns. Each accounts for their own set of injury, and all burn victims, no matter which type, can be the victim of skin damage, bone damage and nerve damage depending on the severity of their accident. Burn injury accidents can cause the body to react harshly, as it tries to protect itself, causing heart failure.

In order, first degree burns are the least severe, causing damage to the top layer of the skin, which can be incredibly painful causing redness and swelling. Second degree burns penetrate the second layer of the skin, which can cause blistering and sensitivity combined with pain and redness. Scarring is often a side effect of second degree burns, and skin grafting may be necessary to protect the skin’s long term viability.

Finally, third degree burns round out the categories as the most serious type of burn injuries. Each level of the skin is impacted by the burn, as is the tissue beneath the final layer. Blackish brown skin will appear, with a leather-like appearance, causing a severely burned look. As a result, the nerve damage that unfolds with these types of burns leads to the least painful experience, as individuals can no longer feel the painful sensation the burning has caused. Third degree burns usually result in surgical procedures to graft or replace and transplant the individual’s skin.

Burn Injuries & Treatment

If you have ever simply burned your hand on the stove, you understand that the pain that shoots through body is a reactionary reflex, and with a few seconds it passes. When the circumstances are more severe, the pain, stress and emotional toll a burn injury — or injuries — takes on the human body can be catastrophic. Although the medical community is responding with state of the art advances in burn therapy and treatment, the road to recovery is long, painful and expensive.

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Not only is your pain and suffering important to our Las Vegas burn injury lawyer group, but the recovery and medical expenses that accompany such a serious injury must be addressed to allow you to recover fully, while giving you the time you need to do so. Lost wages, rehabilitation services and emotional distress all play a factor in your quality of life, and our attorneys want to help you pursue the compensation you to deserve to get your life back.

Types of injuries, our Law Offices focus on include:

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