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At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, our Las Vegas injury attorney group understands that accidents happen every day. Some are the result of our own oversights, and we take full responsibility for any missteps along the way. However, some can result in serious injury when the negligence or reckless behavior of others comes into the fray, jeopardizing your very livelihood. When the latter is the case, our qualified and accomplished lawyer team springs into action to promote the very personal injury laws that were designed to protect our clients who have been injured by another’s negligence.

If or when you are injured by the carelessness of another, you have the legal right to seek compensation for your injuries, including damages for lost wages, medical expenses, and any pain and suffering that have developed from the accident. Our attorney group works tirelessly to hold the offending party responsible for their reckless behavior that has resulted in the loss of your quality of life. Contact our esteemed team of Las Vegas lawyers today to find out how we can help you resume the values and statuses you enjoyed prior to the injury you sustain. In our most recent cases we have secured $7.8 million for a spinal injury case, and $1.7 in a personal injury case that was the result of inadequate security that caused our client’s injury. We can help you too, beginning with a free consultation to discuss the intricacies of your case.

Conventional Information Regarding Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury victims are protected by law, under varying circumstances, and are permitted to file suit against the negligent party who caused their injuries in the court of law. The purpose of these suits is to recover the financial losses that resulted from the injury, including — but not limited to — lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and property damage where applicable. Injuries inflicted upon the victim can be physical, mental, psychological or a combination of each. Our Las Vegas attorney group will provide proper explanations of these claims, and as well as direction in enforcing their legality in clear terms, so there is no confusion going forward.

In cases were the injury has proven fatal, due to the negligence of another, the surviving family members may be able to pursue a wrongful death case on behalf of the their deceased loved one. The laws and circumstances of any personal injury case, including those that result in death, are complex and require a seasoned lawyer to navigate the legal precedents that relate to the current victim and his or her family. At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, our reputable attorney group will explain how your case fits specifically within Nevada law. Each personal injury case is different, and each lawyer in our accomplish firm will explain the intricacies of your personal situation and how it fits into its legal standing.

Our Las Vegas injury attorney group provides free consultations to help you feel confident in pursuing the negligent party that caused your injury. Even if we are not your lawyer team of choice in the end, it is important to understand liability laws, while protecting yourself from insurance company manipulation.

Injury Claim Practice Areas

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers: We Are Here to Help

When it comes to personal injury claims, time is of the essence and makes the difference in whether or not your claim is acknowledged by the courts. Each personal injury lawyer in our firm must analyze each case individually to ensure that a strong claim exists to charge the injurious party with a legal responsibility to administer damages and liability. The process is much more accurately assessed when we are contacted at the time of the injury, so no valuable evidence or information is lost in the shuffle.

Even if you do not believe you have a case, it would behoove you to speak with one of our accomplished personal injury attorneys to understand the complexities of your unique situation. Once we discuss your case in full, we will advise you of any possible claims that our legal team devising from your injury.

At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, each attorney in our group is compassionate and understanding, providing individuals and families with the confidence they need to face insurance companies armed with the legal capacity to hold the negligent party responsible for their actions. Our legal representation skills are unmatched in the Las Vegas personal injury legal community, and our commitment to you begins with a free consultation.

Should it be determined that you have a case, our staff will partner with you throughout the case’s progression, so you are never alone throughout the legal process. Contact one of our exceptional Las Vegas personal injury attorneys today at 702-228-2600 to understand the advantages of our legal partnerships.