Fire Accidents Lawyers in Las Vegas, NV

Home, property and vehicle fires can have devastating results. Burn victims are often scarred for life and required a tremendous amount of medical care and rehabilitation to become whole again, while still dealing with the emotional and psychological damage these vicious circumstances cause. If you or a loved one has been involved in a fire accident caused by the negligence or recklessness of another, our Las Vegas fire accidents attorneys want to help you recover the settlement you deserve as a result.

Fire is an extremely vicious and unpredictably damaging occurrence that can lead to property damage, physical bodily harm and emotional suffering. Our Las Vegas fire accidents attorneys at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith have decades of combined experience in helping individuals and their families recover from these devastating events by determining who is liable for the fire itself, and pursuing compensation as a result.

Our Las Vegas fire accidents attorneys provide compassion and hope, combined with exceptional legal guidance to help you and your family overcome the devastation that fire can cause. We will evaluate your case for free and determine the best method for moving forward to help you regain your livelihood.

Reduce Your Risk of a Fire

Avoiding a fire hazards altogether will help keep your family safe from the potentially devastating effects of burns, smoke inhalation and emotional distress caused by fleeing a burning structure. To help reduce your risk of fire, avoid the following factors:

  • Careless Placement of Flammable Belongings
  • Cooking Hazards (Towels on the Stove, Grease Overflow, Etc.)
  • Halogen Lamps Located too Closely to Curtains or Ceilings
  • Lack of Fire Alarms or Extinguishers
  • Matches, Lighters Near Flame Sources
  • Placing Portable Heaters too Close to Flammable Objects (Blankets, Clothing, Etc.)
  • Poorly Extinguished Cigarettes or Cigarettes Near Flammable Objects
  • Unattended Electronics (Coffee Pots, Irons, Curling/Straightening Irons)
  • Unattended or Faulty Connections on Gas Grills
  • Unsupervised Candles, Lanterns or Open Flames
  • Unsupervised Fireplaces

General Information: Las Vegas Fire Accidents

Statistically speaking, fires have extremely devastating effects, including the estimated 3000 individuals who are killed each year as a result of a fire accident, and the additional 15,000 that are injured by the same. In each of these cases, 85% occur in the home and are caused by hazardous conditions. Because fire is so unpredictable and dangerous, it can escalate in seconds while destroying property, injuring people, animals and even the environment in its path.

Avoiding fire hazards is the first line of defense in avoiding the potentially devastating results. There are a number of steps families can take to help increase the safety of their homes, property and personal well-being from fire:

  • Install Fire Alarms on Every Floor of the Home. (Check their operation each month, and change the batteries every six months.)
  • Place Fire Extinguishers in Potentially Hazardous Areas. (Kitchen, Basement and Garage areas)
  • Create a Fire Escape Route with Your Family
  • Discuss Fire Hazards with Your Entire Family to Avoid Accidents (For instance, do not place flammable materials like towels or rags on the stove, or place candles near curtains, etc.)

Preventing fires requires attention to detail, and understanding your surroundings. However, when a fire is the result of a defective product or another person’s negligence, the best course of action is to escape the scene as quickly as possible. These devastating instances can be injurious to both body and mind, and although it may be difficult to get the bottom of the cause, or who was responsible, our attorneys pride themselves in investigative approaches that will allow the facts to speak for themselves.

Types of Accidents, our Law Offices focus on include:

We Can Help You Recover from a Fire Accident

The Las Vegas fire accident lawyers at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith can provide you with the personal comfort you need to get through this devastating time, while applying the professional wherewithal to uncover exactly who or what is responsible for the accident. Contact one of our accomplished Las Vegas fire accident attorneys today at 702-228-2600 to start the investigation, and pursuance of the responsible party to help you recover a settlement that is rightfully yours.