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Driving under the influence of alcohol, or DUI, is illegal in the United States, and unfortunately in Las Vegas — and around the country — the legal violation is still a common occurrence. Nationwide, approximately every 30 minutes a death occurs as the result of a DUI, and an injury from the same unlawful behavior occurs every two minutes. The Las Vegas DUI accident attorneys at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith are committed to helping our clients recover fully from these alarming statistics and traumatic results they enact. The devastating effects of a DUI-related crash or injury can paralyze families or the rest of their collective lives, and our Las Vegas DUI accident attorneys are devoted to helping these individuals recover physically, emotionally and financially by holding the negligent party responsible for their actions.

Impaired Drivers Cause DUI-Related Accidents

Whether a driver is under the influence of alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, their judgment, driving skills and reflexes are all compromised by their impairment. For this very reason, the United States, in its entirety, has strict laws that govern an individual’s ability to operate a vehicle under impaired circumstances.

Because of these strict laws, our Las Vegas DUI accident attorneys are able to hold violators responsible for their negligence by pursuing financial retribution for our clients’ physical, emotional, psychological and financial injuries that result from these accidents. Not only will someone who is operating a vehicle recklessly with a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher be arrested, but the result of their behavior and the injurious effects will be pursued by our office to deliver the best settlement possible for the individuals and families we represent.

Alarming DUI Statistics

Despite the increased laws and statutes that apply to the prosecution of DUI offenders, alcohol is involved in nearly 40% of all traffic-related fatalities in the United States. What’s more is that an average of 36 people are killed in DUI-related accidents each day nationwide, and increased dramatically on holidays.

DUI-related accidents do not discriminate by vehicle or its occupants. Drivers and passengers of cars, trucks, vans, motorcycle, recreational vehicles, boats, trains, airplanes and even bicyclist and pedestrians are vulnerable to injury simply by sharing the road with those who are impaired behind the wheel.

When someone is injured in an accident the results can be devastating, but when someone is injured or loses a loved one to a DUI-related accident, the preventable negligence can be overwhelming.

If you or a loved one has been victimized by a DUI-related accident, in any capacity, it is important that you contact a Las Vegas DUI accident attorney you can trust. At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, our accomplished Las Vegas DUI accident lawyers will guide you through the legal process while providing compassionate advice and clear direction on what to expect from your claim. Our goal is to partner with you and your family to help you through this difficult time, while aggressively pursuing those responsible for the accident.

Your medical needs and the overall financial impact of your case will be evaluated in full to determine a settlement amount that will allow you to heal fully, while being compensated for your loss of wages, property, health and emotional well-being. Our Las Vegas DUI accident attorney group will not rest until you receive the compensation you deserve, and the offending party is held fully responsible for their unlawful and negligent behavior.

Types of Accidents, our Law Offices focus on include:

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