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Suffering from a dog bite can be traumatic, and the actual injury can be potentially devastating causing muscle and ligament damage that results in lifelong scarring. The complexity of these Las Vegas dog bite cases varies from the victim having a personal relationship to the dog owner to being attacked by a dog whose owner is unknown. At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, our accomplished Las Vegas dog bite attorneys are able to pursue claims for dog bite victims in an effort to help them to seek the medical care necessary to heal fully, while recovering lost wages, physical therapy expenses and their aid in their overall ability to move on without fearing these animals for the rest of their lives.

Our Las Vegas dog bite lawyers will assess your personal dog bite injury claim individually, and evaluate the extent of your injuries and the circumstances that led to the attack. This evaluation will deliver an objective, legal opinion of the damages you are entitled to, and allow us to pursue those damages diligently and aggressively to recover a proper settlement on your behalf.

General Information Regarding Dangerous Dogs

In the state of Nevada, legal statutes define a “dangerous dog” as one that behaves in an intimidating fashion, leading to the necessity of an individual defending themselves from personal injury or bodily harm. The labeling of dangerous dog requires two separate occasions of unprovoked attacks in an 18 month period. The label does not apply if the dog is defending itself or property from a person who is attempting to commit, or is actually committing a crime. Likewise, the label does not apply to dogs that are defending themselves from harm of a person provoking them.

The second degree of dog danger is “vicious” which is defined as a dog that inflicts substantial bodily harm without provocation, or that kills someone. Owners who knowingly possess these vicious animals can be charged with a category D felony.

Know Statutes with Las Vegas Dog Bite Lawyers

Our Las Vegas dog bite attorneys will explain both statutes clearly, to help our clients understand exactly which claim avenue we will pursue as a result of their dog bite injury, and the evidence presented as a result. In each Las Vegas dog bite case we handle, the evidence and interviews we conduct prior to filing a dog bite claim will determine whether the dog has a history of dangerous or vicious behavior, and whether the owner was negligent during the attack. Upon discovering the facts behind the dog bite injury, your partnering Las Vegas dog bite attorney will provide a proficient and confident claim that outlines the settlement requests required to return your quality of life.

Family, Friends & Familiar Dogs

Most people believe that dog bite injuries are the result of a random attack from a dog they have never met or seen. The truth is, 80% of all dog bites are from familiar dogs that belong to family members or friends. Children are three times more likely to sustain serious dog bite injuries than adults, and the effects of these bites can inflict lifelong injuries, scarring or mental, social and emotional sensitivity to dog interaction.

It is important for individuals who suffer from a dog bite — whether it is from a family/friend’s dog, or as a result of doing your job as a meter reader, postal carrier or package delivery personnel — to understand that the owner is responsible for their dog’s behavior. The Las Vegas dog bite case does not have to be pursued on a personal level, as family members will sometimes shy away from pursuing financial damages from those close to them. Property, home and personal insurance coverage applies in certain dog bite instances, and damages can be pursued without affecting the natural balance of your personal relationships, while delivering the financial compensation you deserve to effectively deal with your injuries, lost wages and medical bills that have resulted from the dog bite.

Types of Accidents, our Law Offices focus on include:

Partnering with Dog Bite Attorney in Las Vegas, NV

If you or a loved one has suffered from a dog bite injury, it is important that you contact an accomplished and committed Las Vegas dog bite attorney from Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith to provide the best representation possible. Contact one of our exceptional Las Vegas dog bite lawyers today at 702-228-2600 to receive a free consultation and direction on how to proceed with your case from a legal perspective.